Assignment & Editorial work has been a growing sector of business in the last few years. We think that with more than 45 years experience, Mr. Sweetman's reputation for "bringing in" the assignment on-time and on-budget with consistent artistic excellence has certainly helped! Although based on the beautiful white sand west coast, we are available for travel anywhere. When OUR style meets YOUR needs, WE have a match!



Portrait of an artist. It ran nationally in several magazines.

Look closely. Who is watching who?



LUX-ART article Christmas

And below, the arts, medical and financial sure to see>Healthcare and Financial & Real Estate






Gary creates the Manatee Chamber of Commerce magazine's Christmas cover each year featuring the "Current" president.  What a great year (considering the economy, etc) to create the parody of It's a Wonderful Life. Thanks to Chris Pennewill and family for being "the Bailey family.

A modern Egyptologist emulated the pose of the ancients for this piece.


What a great ending photo...proof positive that Gary can make "lemonade" out of "lemons!"